What If You 3/4J Could Talk to @CurranCentral In Real Life? What Would You Ask Him?

3/4J I know how much you admire Curran and it excited you to see his answers in Belouga in your pods.

Imagine if we could skype him or hangout with him in real life. What would you say to him?

At the age of nine, Curran is the Founder & Chief Kid Officer (CKO) of DigCitKids, digital citizenship for kids by kids. Curran is an international speaker (#DigCitSummitUK) and has also presented online at both Edcamp Global and Global Maker Day. He is a student ambassador for Buncee and has guest blogged for Angela Maiers. A regular student tweeter, he has moderated chats on digital citizenship and student voice on Twitter and has been a guest lecturer in graduate classes on digital citizenship and digital literacy.

Curran is also a TEDxYouth speaker and his talk has been used as part of professional development for educators as a way to encourage student voice, student choice and students as leaders.

By the first grade, Curran started blogging at home as a way to complete traditional assignments in school. Unfortunately, he only has digital access at home and this has inspired him to advocate for connected learning opportunities in all classrooms around the world. His wish is for digital access for all students everywhere and DigCitKids is a way to amplify student voice in K-12 classrooms.


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