Using Zaartari 360 to Learn About @zaataricamp – The Power Of Bringing The World Into The Classroom #teacheredchat @m_drez

Camp Zaartari

This morning I had reason to question whether I was getting the message across in my classroom about unity and caring about each other what ever colour, religion or gender you are. The refugees in Zaartai are example of communities and families torn apart for reasons above them. By the world coming together and uniting, Camp Zaartari exists and it is allowing families to live their lives, not the way they want because they want to be in their homes but they have a chance.

Today we will learn about more about Zaartari and describe the camp as if you were there. We will brain storm words, feelings and write using our descriptive language.
Photographer and journalist Martin Edström has put together an immersive and insightful document of Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan.



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