Reading: Learning About Open Minded Portraits

Open-Mind Portraits

Purpose:  To help students think more deeply about a character and reflect on story events from the character’s point of view.  To help the students make connections.
Rationale:  If the students understand the character and their motivation they will develop deeper meaning.
Success Criteria:

  1. Draw and colour a large portrait of the head and neck of a character in a book they are reading.
  2. Cut out portrait and attach it with a brad or staple to another sheet of drawing paper.
  3. Trace around the character’s head on the second page.
  4. Lift the portrait and draw and write about characters thoughts (what’s in their mind) on the second page. Sometimes you can add several “mind” pages to show a character’s mind at important parts of the story.
  5. Share the portraits with classmates and talk about the words and pictures they chose to include in the mind of their character.

Strengths:  Helps clarify what things/thoughts are important to the character.




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