Determining Importance – Deciding What is Interesting And What is Important: #Reading Groups

Determining Importance In Non Fiction Texts

Reading Groups 

Green Group: Morgan, Brandon, Haylee, Lachlan, Charlee, Puol 

Red Group: Baden, Chalize, Coby, Alan, Deegan, Jeremy, Nyamal, 

Blue Group: Aslan, Kiara, Nakiesha, Dominic, Romario

Orange Group: Liam, Tyson, Tyrone, Shakayla, Betty 

Group Tasks

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Log In Username – First Name 56j Password – First Name 12

Green Group: Teacher Group 

Red Group: Penguins in Antartica 560L – 740L

Blue Group: Antartica at a Glance 740L – 890L

Orange Group: Formation of Ice Floes 890L – 1040L


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