Mrs Joyce’s Grandfather walking the Kokoda Track in 1942

Australians on the Kokoda Track, 1942

What can you observe?

What wonderings do you have?

What can you infer when you look deeply at the picture?

Please place your comments about your thoughts about Australia’s history.

** Sadly Mrs Joyce’s grandfather was killed walking back from an ANZAC Day march in 1969. On ANZAC Day every year we remember how grateful we are that he fought for our country. Can you spot which man is Mrs Joyce’s grandfather?



  One thought on “Mrs Joyce’s Grandfather walking the Kokoda Track in 1942

  1. Ashton
    April 25, 2013 at 4:32 am

    Hello Mrs Joyce,
    I can observe the army men carrying there guns being ready to be used in war. I can see lots of trees surrounding them while running through the forest or the bush. I can see them wearing the same type of hat we have at school when they were being selled as badges. I can see that their facial expressions like they aren’t even scared of war.
    I infer that they are looking for a hiding spot to get ready for war when they attack! I also infer that the people in the background are the people that carry all of the really heavy stuff like all sorts of ammo for there guns, well other guns or even their food when the are hungry, I think.
    Year I have something to say to Mrs Joyce,
    My Aunty and grandpa both went into war but thankfully they were only aloud to much and be the head of the ceremonies! But, sadly my grandpa died years ago when I was a baby and I didn’t get a chance to even say a word to him! 🙁 But my Aunty is still going so thats good!:)

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