Reading: Observing using Shaun Tan’s Book ‘The Arrival’

The Arrival by Shaun Tan

5/6J today you are going to watch the story of ‘The Arrival’ by Shaun Tan. All I want you to do is Observe. Below we will recap what readers do to observe when they read. You will need your notepads to record as you watch the clip. REMEMBER – only write down what you observe in the clip.

What I Observe

What we see or notice
We are looking for details
Noticing everything we can about the thing that we are observing
Studying the information so that we don’t miss any of the detail
We are like detectives looking to find all the information in the picture / text eg. details, key words
We are looking for all the information that can help us to understand what is happening in the picture / text / story
What it says in the text

Good readers notice details in the text and pictures. They use their observations to help them think about what they are reading.




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