I’m Mesmerised – On A Way To School Trailer #globaled #schools #education #inspirational #dreams

As I was exploring my resources for my class to reflect on, I stumbled upon something magnificent. This trailer captivated me, it made me think about what children do to get an education. How can we get this message across to our own classes here in Australia that education is their future?

Watch and reflect as I did. Think about:

  • All children deserve an education – able bodied or with additional needs
  • Some children will travel for miles to follow their dreams.
  • Place yourself in the shoes of one of these children.
  • We don’t know how lucky we are.



  One thought on “I’m Mesmerised – On A Way To School Trailer #globaled #schools #education #inspirational #dreams

  1. Tyson
    August 19, 2016 at 12:36 am

    Why do these people have to take more than 1 hour to get the way to school? They must have done some very hard work before school because they are scared. They are in danger by animals. Jackson is only 10 years old to get his way to school. Lions and elephants endager the children as they make their way to school.
    It doesnt seem like they have a car or any other transport to school other than walking. They must be petrefied.

  2. Betty
    August 20, 2016 at 10:07 pm

    Why do the children have to walk to school around lions and elephants?Children are very young and they are brave enough to walk with danger.I think this is linked with our inquiry. My heart is telling my that we could probably help. These children live in different countries but are all brave the same way. One of them take 4 hours to go to school.

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