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Ss Dive In Deep To Prepare Their Pecha Kucha Presentations about the Changing Earth #Inquiry #OGC #OurGlobalClassroom

Today 5/6J you will start putting your Pecha Kucha Presentation together. Lets take detailed look at the process and an example of what your presentation will be like. I feel so excited we are taking this plunge into something so different to present our inquiry findings. Here is an example of a complete Pecha Kucha presentation. The following website has…


The Changing Earth – Inquiry Websites

Volcanoes Q1 How do volcanic eruptions effect the earth after the eruption? and Q2 How does the earth change during a volcanic eruption? Hurricanes Q1 How do hurricanes cause so much damage to communities? Q2 How can the earth be saved from being damaged by a hurricane? Global Warming Q1 How is…

Cinquain Poem – Creating Magic In Writing Using Poetry

How to Write a Cinquain Poem What is a Cinquain? A cinquain – which, by the way, is pronounced “sin-cane,” not “sin-kwane” – is a form of poetry that is very popular because of its simplicity. It was created by American poet Adelaide Crapsey about 100 years ago, and is similar to Japanese poetic forms, such as haiku and tanka. Cinquains are…

Synthesising Using Media – Sia ‘The Greatest’ @sia #education #reading #AussieEd #globaledchat

Sia is an Australian artist that portrays a message and a character in all her film clips. Sia is one of Mrs Joyce’s favourite artists because of her values and outlook on life. Her film clips captivate Mrs Joyce and have her sitting for hours analysing them. The main dancer in this film clip is a girl names Maddie. If…

Students will use their knowledge of time to create clocks

Today in Maths we will continue to explore what you already know about time. I would like you to build a clock and provide labels to explain what you know. Also around the outside tell me any concept that connects with time eg 1 minute = 60 seconds Lets look at an example that might help you. Today you will…

SQ3R Reading Strategy #Reading #Comprehension

SQ3R LI: To understand the steps of the SQ3R Strategy. SC: Most students will be able to name the steps of a SQ3R Some students will be able to turn a heading into a question. Some students will be able to write a brief summary of their text.   Reflection: How does surveying the text help you as a reader?

Determining Importance – Deciding What is Interesting And What is Important: #Reading Groups

Determining Importance In Non Fiction Texts Reading Groups  Green Group: Sophie,  MacKenzie, Sierra, Siarah, Jeremy, Aleisha  Red Group: Ruk, Tshawn, Harmony, Brodie, Seth, Baine Blue Group: Vjay, Thon, Ayla, Kodie, Emelia, Brock, Lachlan Orange Group: Cailin, Tylah, Olivia, Mitchell, Emilee, Travis,  Group Tasks Go to Green Group: Teacher Group Red Group: Penguins in Antartica 560L – 740L Blue…

Hands On Way To Teach Similes & Metaphors #Globaledchat #education #writing #aussieED

Students work step by step to prepare a book about themselves to show their understanding of similes and metaphors. This was one of the most inspiring lessons I have taught. The students were engaged and working day by day we followed the anchor charts of Mrs Joyce’s examples.

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