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Reengineering -STEM and #OurGlobalClassroom. Ss design, build & test a prosthetic leg with the resources that would be available if they lived in Cambodia #globaled #OneWorldOneClassroom #STEM


The Moment A Teacher Realises Her Ss Have Change Her Life & Those Around The World @buncee #globaled

They think deeply, they lead their learning, they empathise for others, the understand global perspectives and they are world leaders when it comes to decisions about making a change in the world. How do I say good bye to these kids in December. They make me think about life and others. I question my stance on world issues thanks to…

Welcome Back for Term 4 – School Camp On Wednesday

Hey 3/4J, Welcome back for Term 4. This week will be crazy. We have today and then you will have planning day on Tuesday where you will have PE, ICT and ART and an additional lesson. We will head to school camp on Wednesday and we are going to have so much fun. We have great activities, food and accommodation…

Mare, Suva, Papeete, Moorea, Bora Bora Mrs Joyce Shares Some Photos #globaled #travel #memories

Over nearly the past month Mrs Joyce has been sailing the Pacific Ocean. Starting in Sydney she cruised to Mare in New Caledonia, Suva in Fiji, Papeete in Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora in French Polynesia. Here are some of the photos Mrs Joyce has to share there are many more to come.

3/4J Are Global Promoters Of The Need For The #globalgoals To Be In Classrooms #teachSDGs #globaled

sThe global goals have been a real focus for the students in 3/4J. We have been finding ways to connect it to our learning in the classroom. This week we were learning about refugees, students decided to discuss which goals were really important for the refugees at this point, especially the Syrian refugees we were learning about. We used Buncee…

What Do You Love About Our Class – Valentine’s Day 2017 #education #aussieED @m_drez @room_ten @BES_Murphy

Today we will celebrate Valentine’s Day. What is the meaning behind Valentine’s Day? Lets take a look: Thinking about Valentine’s Day and our classroom we are going to answer the following  question – What Do You Love About Our Classroom? In writing we are going to write about what is Valentine’s Day and what your heart is full of.

Junior School Council Elections For 3/4J

Mr Andrew has placed this post on his blog and we will be doing the same. You will be given time Friday morning to write your speech and present it to the class. Good Luck From Mrs Joyce Tomorrow our grade is going to conduct Junior School Council speeches. If any student wants to be a JSC representative this year,…

Ss Provide Me Feedback On Our New #Flexibleseating @m_drez #education #Teachers #teacheredchat

Today I am getting the students to give me some feedback on our new flexible seating. I will ask them about how it makes them feel as a learner, what we could differently, how it makes them feel as part of the grade. We will begin by watching a video clip of other students who use flexible seating and have…

3/4J Will Introduce Themselves To Our Global Friends @room_ten @m_drez #globaled #education

  For your first blog comment, you will write the following in sentences to introduce yourself to our global community and the rest of 3/4J … Remember to check your comment carefully before posting the comment and follow our expectations. Post the following information in your post: Your name Your favourite subject at school Things you like to do out…

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