Category: 56J 2019

Messages Of Peace For The People Of New Zealand #NewZealandStrong #Padlet #OurGlobalClassroom #OGC

#NewZealandStrong I want to help but am so far away. I want to educate my students but what do I say – Bronwyn Joyce Teacher, Australia 5/6J I have set up a Global Message board for the people of New Zealand and those affected by world turmoil over the passing days. Lets Unite and send messages of Peace to those…


Understanding Expectations of Turning and Talking During a Read Aloud #Reading #OGC #OurGlobalClassroom

Turning and Talking is used to provide everyone with a chance to share their ideas with a partner in a safe environment. Mrs Joyce likes to use Turn and Talk when peoples brains are stuck or people are feeling shy to share. She can pick up on these vibes and the difference it makes to a lesson is massive when…

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