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5/6J Takes On The Buncee #Digcit Challenge. Join Us!



The Moment A Teacher Realises Her Ss Have Change Her Life & Those Around The World @buncee #globaled

They think deeply, they lead their learning, they empathise for others, the understand global perspectives and they are world leaders when it comes to decisions about making a change in the world. How do I say good bye to these kids in December. They make me think about life and others. I question my stance on world issues thanks to…

Using Our @Buncee to Explore #Flipgrid As Independent Learners – Earth Day With Hawaii & Japan

Today we will prepare our flip grid presentations for our connection to Hawaii and Japan about Earth Day. I would like you to use your Buncee that you made for our project with USA. Use your Buncee to give you ideas about what you will say to our friends. Also take some time to research the meaning of Earth Day.…

#BunceeBuddies Begins In 3/4J Australia, Lets Get Ready For Earth Day 2017 @Buncee @m_drez #globaled #education

Buncee Buddies – Earth Day 2017 3/4J Mrs Joyce would like to introduce you to our Buncee Buddies Partner Ms Sara Ware’s Class from Lake Shore School, Buffalo NY We are going to begin our connection by preparing a Buncee to introduce yourself by sharing¬†about our location, culture, recreation anything about our town and local area.¬† The aim of the…

Sarah Surprises Mrs Joyce With A @buncee Logo for #ourglobalclassroom

I feel so honoured to be a teacher teaching the students I get to see everyday. I never have a class that disappoints me. They challenge me but never disappoint me. I look forward to their smily faces everyday and the stories they tell. I love that Georgia is my new class masseur and Brock was lending her a hand…

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