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World Children’s Day in 2018 We Will ‘GO Blue’ @UNICEF #OGC #OurGlobalClassroom

World Children’s Day from UNICEF from World’s Largest Lesson on Vimeo. Today we will identify what all children need to grow up and develop into the best person they can possibly be. You will use an outline of a child and write or draw the needs inside or outside the figure of the template. Think  about what children need to…


Students Prepare Interview Questions for Their #TeacherPals #Flipgrid

Learning Intention: To be able to write an interview script.  Today 5/6J you are going to prepare interview questions for your #teacherpals. Once you have compiled your document, you will have a chance to prepare a creative way to interview your mentor. Use these prompts to support you in the writing process.

Ss Are Paired Up With The Worlds Best Teachers To Learn About Schools Of The World #OurGlobalClassroom #QualityEducation

Today students you will be allocated one of the worlds best teachers. You are going to prepare a twitter message to send to them. You will have 140 Characters to find out about their school and about their teaching styles. These teachers are all very close friends with Mrs Joyce and I know they will love hearing from. Take pride…

Clouds of Sidra – Writing Tell Sidra’s Story #OGC #GlobalEd #refugees

Today in writing we are going to meet Sidra and her journey to Jordan. Mrs Joyce found this story and she really wanted to share it with you.   We are going to unpack Sidra’s story in an See-Think-Wonder.

#SkypeAThon Miles With WestQuarter Primary Scotland Today Another 10,592 Miles or 17,046 Kms @skypeclassroom @mbfxc @fmargret #globaled #OneWorldOneClassroom

  We are excited to participate in the skype challenge with the students of Westquarter Primary, Scotland. They are such an inspiration to us as young global learners. We are so glad to class them as members of the Our Global Classroom Family. You are a superstar teacher Mrs Jallard

Learning About #DiadelosMuertos from Ss in Mexico, the best cultural leaders #OneWorldOneClassroom

3/4J at 12.30am this morning Mrs Joyce skyped with Mr Aparicio’s class in Mexico. They were absolute experts teaching me all about “The Day Of The Dead’. This is a public Holiday for them. So on Nov 2nd they remember their loved ones who have passed away. Check out these great pictures I took.

Connecting with Nepal students — Learning Beyond The Walls #ourglobalclassroom #OneWorldOneClassroom

I am going to Nepal for four weeks to teach students in Nepal. I will be working in Kakani Brighter Middle school and could be given any lesson to teach. Lets connect with the students I will be teaching and share something about our life in Australia and begin to form a relationship with the […] via Connecting with Nepal students…


Today in Curriculum Clubs – Global Ed you are going to make your own Global Goals Glasses and take a look at how the world is travelling from your perspective. LI: To explain what you think the world should look like by 2030 if we all chip in and follow the global goals. Success Criteria: Use the sentence starter I…

Children On The Move #refugees #globaled #SDGs #migrants

Learning Intention: The understand the lives of “people on the move”, refugees and migrants. You will learn about people who are on the move such as refugees, migrants, asylum seekers and displaced people. You will think as if you are one of them, understanding what life is like for people forced to flee their homes. Success Criteria: Observe the boys expressions…

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