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Using A Name To Explore Fractions #Maths #OGC #OurGlobalClassroom

Name Fractions     Students cut out the letters and mounted them. Then the students counted the squares of each color and labeled the fractions. Because it is a 10×10 grid, the denominator for each fractions is 100, making the subtractions a bit easier 🙂 Extension can any students work out the decimal representation and the percentage representation on…

Today Ss Will Be Property Developers In Maths #

Property developer You are to design a four-room house. It can have as many storeys as you like, but every room must have a room underneath it or be on the ground. There are costs for building the house: each square of roof costs $3000 to tile, and each square of outside wall costs $1000 to paint. Design some houses…

Lets Go Shopping – Working With Money In #Maths

Lets Go Shopping – Working With Money In Maths 5/6J today you will be given a Maths investigation that you will really love. Here is your scenario: It is time to go christmas shopping. You will be: Shopping for a family of 4 – A female ( A mum) 45 years of age, A Male (A grandad) 67 years of…

Subtraction Strategies #Maths

Red Group – Tyrone, Tyson, Liam, Lachlan, Betty – Subtraction ungrouping. Blue Group – Deegan, Nyamal, Adana, Tayleigh – Numberlines Green Group – Coby, Branden, Romario, Kiara, Nakiesha – Regrouping using MAB teacher group. Orange Group: Morgan, Baden, Alan, Charlee, Shakayla  Online Subtraction practice –

MULTIPLICATION Strategy Mat #maths #education #teachers

The Multiplication Strategy Mat requires the child to draw/make and write to represent a multiplication problem as four different  strategies – equal groups, arrays, repeated addition and skip counting – as well as recording the problem with the correct answer as a complete number sentence. This helps the child to actually manipulate, see and better understand that multiplication is actually…

Multiplication Maths Groups – Term 3

Green Group – Deegan, Morgan, Adana, Jeremy, Baden You will need play dough Make and represent multiplication using arrays.   Red Group – Coby, Charlize, Charlee, Nakiesha, Brandon, Romario Blue Group – Dominic, Hayley, Betty, Kiara, Shakayla,  Orange Group – Tyson, Tyrone, Liam. Lachlan     password – Mathsisfun  

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