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Students will use their knowledge of time to create clocks

Today in Maths we will continue to explore what you already know about time. I would like you to build a clock and provide labels to explain what you know. Also around the outside tell me any concept that connects with time eg 1 minute = 60 seconds Lets look at an example that might help you. Today you will…


Maths Rotation – Prime and Composite Numbers

  What do you notice? I want you to think about the following even/odd numbers, patterns, multiples, factors, multiplication, common multiples, prime/composite numbers.   Triangular Numbers Students in each group should work to build triangles of different sizes. After building a triangle the group writes down the number of counters that make up each triangle. Each of these numbers is a Triangular Number. As each group builds…

#ProblemSolving – What Do You Notice? #Maths

  Rotating around the room students explore different mathematical thinking about what they notice. Students are to use sticky notes to explain what they can see and how they might solve the problem. Many of the problems revolve around counting, place value and the four processes.

Equal and Unequal #Maths #Fractions

Today the class will explore the concept of equal and unequal. First we will revise our knowledge of Halves and Quarters. When working with fractions it is important students understand that a fraction has to be equal. If it is unequal people will get very unhappy about their share especially when eating pizza.

Understanding Division in Maths

Learning Strategies To Help Us Divide Learning Intention: To be able to use a variety of strategies to understand Division. There are many strategies that we can use to understand division. In our Maths rotation we have learnt about fact families, drawing a visual representation, explaining our understanding in words and that number lines can help us. Today we are…

Division – Creating Understanding Of The Concept Of Equal Groups #maths #groups

Last week 3/4’s we started to explore groups and the word division. We spent a lesson exploring using unifix to understand what a division problem is saying. I decided we needed a little more work on understanding EQUAL groups. So we are going to work with the following resources to better our understanding. LI: To understand and show what equal…

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