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Thank You Students Of Beaconhouse Primary-1 PECHS, Pakistan For Commenting On Our Blog

Beaconhouse Primary-1 PECHS, Pakistan Hello 4J, Everyday I check our blog to see if we have new visitors and to post new blog posts for you. The other I was checking our blog and found 54 comments that had appeared out of nowhere. After checking we were so lucky to have the students of Beaconhouse Primary -1 PECHS in Pakistan…


Share Your Thoughts With Our Friends at Beaconhouse Primary 1: Pakistan

Our friends in Pakistan 4J as you will learn Mrs Joyce’s previous grades have made friends with teachers all over the world. Ms Aniqa Umar is our friend in Pakistan and her school sent us Lucky the Bear. She has asked if we could look at the tasks on her blog and help her students by answering her prompt. This…

Shan Shan, Tom, Lucky and Ranger Faced Freezing Cold Winds to See the Loy Yang Open Cut and Power Station

Loy Yang Power Station and Coal Mine Traralgon our town is famous for Coal Mining. We have three major coal mines in our area but Loy Yang is now one of the biggest. The coal is used to make electricity that powers our whole state. We took the travel buddies to the Look Out today to show them the large…

Kanga eating ice-cream in Pakistan: I’m Jealous

Kanga looks so happy in Pakistan with M Sarim After meal we saw whole Dolmen Mall and did some shopping.Dolmen mall is located on Tariq road the city’s most famous shopping street.They offer 500 stores with branded product and non branded stuff as well.Dolmen Mall is the great shopping center for serious Buyers.I really enjoyed with M Sarim.

Kanga once again has seen the spectacular sites of Pakistan

Ching Chie Vehicles in Pakistan Ching Chie Vehicles.  The most decorated vehicle.  Two seater vehicle.  I went on a ride in this vehicle with my friend.                         Mrs Joyce would love a shop full of bangles like in Pakistan. I have seen amazing collection of bangles with Neha

Lucky gets to hang out with Luke at the magnificent Mann’s Beach

Lucky Goes Fishing Lucky is our travelling tourtist from Pakistan, he was able to go home with Luke to meet his family. Lucky went fishing and the photos show he had a lot of fun. We are spoilt by the fact that we have wonderful beaches and waterways to fish and swim. Luke’s pictures show the beautiful side of Australia.

Lucky Spends the Weekend at the Warragul Basketball Tournament with Kayleigh

Lucky Mixes it with the Basketballers Kayleigh has a wonderful weekend with Lucky. She took him to a basketball tournament she was playing in for the Traralgon Squad team. Kayleigh’s team were premiers for the weekend. Winning the Grand Final. Congratulations Kayleigh!!!

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