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5/6J I’d like you to meet Simpson our new friend from Future Generation School in Uganda.

Simpson in his new Future Generation School Uniform See how far Simpson has come, there is now a smile on his face despite his untold story. One afternoon Simpson found Ms Joseline in her office complaining that he was very hungry. See how he was dressed and imagine if you were the one. I bought for him food,and he was…


Global Education Helps Us With Our Reading and Our Writing

Snapshot Writing – 5/6J You should be so Proud Rennae’s Writing Piece Here I stand in front of a massive fixated flower pot in Tiananmen Square. The flowers are so vibrant. This is the most memorizing place in the world. It is cold and misty like in a rainforest.  I can’t believe that the flowers in the pot are real.…

Dr Suess Day in our Junior Years at Liddiard RD – Mrs Joyce’s Daughter Taylah dressed up as ‘Thing 1’

Dr Suess Day In our Prep ( First Year at School) Grades the students have been learning about and reading Dr Suess books. Today they dressed up as Dr Suess Characters. Mrs Joyce’s daughter Taylah now works at our school as a Student Support Officer and she dressed up as ‘Thing 1’. They look fantastic.

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