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Luke shows Ranger the Australian Bush

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The Best Smilebox So Far: Check Out The Senior Unit Values And Identity Expo

Multicultural Australia through the Eyes of 100 Liddiard Rd Primary School Students. Each term the Senior students of Liddiard rd Primary study a Major Unit of Work. This term our theme was Values and Identities: Multicultural Australia. Last Friday 28th March the students stood proud as they showcased their work to the teachers, students and parents of our school community.…

Shan Shan was so Lucky to learn about Jaymes’s aboriginal cultural Heritage.

Shan Shan gets to see a boomerang and play a didgeridoo Jaymes took Shan Shan to meet his family and was lucky enough to find out all about the aboriginal culture. Jaymes this pictures are amazing. Check out his awesome smile box.   Customize a greeting card

Tom our Traveling Teddy from Germany Spends a Relaxing Weekend with Ben at his house.

Congratulations Ben on making your own Smilebox about Tom’s visit to your home. Ben I love how you are embracing the Web 2.0 tools that help us in the classroom. I might have to get you to teach the rest of the grade about Smilebox later this week. To all our global friends I hope you enjoy Ben’s smile box.…

5/6J, Shan Shan And Lucky Visited Melbourne Today For A Cultural Experience

Check out our Smilebox of Cultural Melbourne, Australia. Unfortunately Tom couldn’t make the trip to Melbourne today due to an operation he had to have on his ear. His ear fell off and Mrs Pearce is fixing him up. Tom is very loved in the 5/6J grade and I don’t think the students want him to every leave to go…

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