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Check out Taiwans Blog new pictures of Kanga

Kanga living it up in Taiwan 5/6j check out our global friends blog ‘A Kangaroo in Taiwan’, new pictures that are great. I’ll post them for you to look at tomorrow. Two more days and we are on Autumn holidays for two weeks. Sleep ins for everyone Advertisements


Shan Shan was so Lucky to learn about Jaymes’s aboriginal cultural Heritage.

Shan Shan gets to see a boomerang and play a didgeridoo Jaymes took Shan Shan to meet his family and was lucky enough to find out all about the aboriginal culture. Jaymes this pictures are amazing. Check out his awesome smile box.   Customize a greeting card

Students and teachers in Taiwan: We Thank You !

Taiwan Beats Australia Everyday I check the world stats about who visits the blog and who is learning about the world. For the first time in the 8 months this blog has been functioning for, TODAY the teachers and students of Taiwan have commented more than Australia. This is AMAZING – Language should never be a barrier for education. We…

Our Kangaroo In Taiwan

Kanga Meets New Friend In Taiwan    坐馬車,我膽子越來越大,我站在馬車上(小朋友不要學喔) I was taking a carriage ride. 好大的草帽,遮陽遮雨非常好用。 What a big straw hat I was wearing. 我在學習牽馬,我有些害怕,所以我離得遠一點,以策安全 I was learning how to lead the horse.    在心裡建設許久,我準備上馬It was time to ride the horse. 今天天氣好好,我來到台中后里馬場。 I went to the training school of  Houli Riding Club in Taichung. 后里馬場入場以花朵造型花迎著我們What a pretty mascot. 哇!這是石磨,就是中國以前的磨米器,農曆過年時家家戶戶都需要吃年糕,代表著年年高升 In the old time, Chinese…

Kanga just continue’s to visit new places in Taiwan

Kanga in Taiwan                 位於”安平古堡”旁邊的『延平街』又稱為「安平老街」,為三百多年前荷蘭人在安平修建的第一條路,又有『台灣第一街』之稱,街道兩旁聚集了許多特色店家,與附近幾條街道串聯起來,成為品嚐小吃最佳去處。Right next to Anping Fort, Yaping street is the first road Dutch people constructed about 300 years ago. It ’s also called The first street in Taiwan. You can enjoy great food and a trip of discovery here. Solomon and me visited Fort Zeelandia today.    Fort Zeelandia was…

Mr Felix you should feel so proud of the children of Ghana. 5/6j and global friends we have questions to answer.

Why Do White People Have Black Spots? 5/6J and all our Global Friends I stumbled upon this video while exploring  tonight. The children of Ghana have prepared questions for the world and they tell us about their perspective of the world. Inspirational stuff. 5/6J you must prepare a response to one of the questions the children of Ghana have…

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