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Shan Shan, Tom, Lucky and Ranger Faced Freezing Cold Winds to See the Loy Yang Open Cut and Power Station

Loy Yang Power Station and Coal Mine Traralgon our town is famous for Coal Mining. We have three major coal mines in our area but Loy Yang is now one of the biggest. The coal is used to make electricity that powers our whole state. We took the travel buddies to the Look Out today to show them the large…


Ranger has arrived from the USA!!!

Huge Surprise Sitting On Mrs Joyce’s Desk 5/6J Ranger has arrived. Tonight the office called me over to collect a package that had arrived with my name in it. Guess what???? The parcel is from Mrs Simoneaux which means it is Ranger. I have been a good teacher and I haven’t peeked to get the first look. I can already…

Mr Felix you should feel so proud of the children of Ghana. 5/6j and global friends we have questions to answer.

Why Do White People Have Black Spots? 5/6J and all our Global Friends I stumbled upon this video while exploring  tonight. The children of Ghana have prepared questions for the world and they tell us about their perspective of the world. Inspirational stuff. 5/6J you must prepare a response to one of the questions the children of Ghana have…

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