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#Whatif all the streets were rivers? #flipgridfever

What If ……. Grid code: qst244c Rivers As Roads What if all the streets were rivers? What would be different? What would your life be like? Investigate the lives of people living in floating villages or living in Venice, Italy. This week we address UN Global Goal 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities.         Advertisements


Writing- What if…? — Miss Mac’s Class Lesson #studentteacher #awesome

So proud of my Student Teacher Kaitlyn. This week she has taught every lesson. Created her own Blog to teach her lessons on and now she tackles teaching our weekly What If! Watch out Principals she is only a 3rd year but one more year next year and she will be a definite asset to any schools team. What…

34J Add Their Voice To #whatif #globaled #education #flipgrid

3/4J it is your turn to place your voices on our #whatif flipgrid. I am so proud of how you conduct yourself week after week, leading the world in your responses and thoughts on changing the world. This weeks grid is Grid Code: 911ffb Your response needs to answer this weeks what if : What if you were the President or…

Class Prepare What If Friday Prompt Ready for This Week #flipgrid #Whatif

3/4J its that time of the week. What If Fridays Prompt ready for you to make you Flipgrid Videos on Friday. The Grid code: qst244c This week: With The Power Of Your Brain What if you could hear and see what other people were thinking? If you could control objects with your brain, what would you do…

What If … Friday – Time to Record On Our #flipgrid What if you could explore outer space?

Yesterday 3/4J I confronted you with the question What If you could explore outer space? You came up with super creative ideas and it is time to record on our collaborative flipgrid. We will be sharing our grid with students in Ms Thompson’s class in New Zealand and Ms Krenicki in the USA. This is huge team. Here is your…

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