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Explanation Writing – How to Write A Successful Explanation #writing         Advertisements


Hands On Way To Teach Similes & Metaphors #Globaledchat #education #writing #aussieED

Students work step by step to prepare a book about themselves to show their understanding of similes and metaphors. This was one of the most inspiring lessons I have taught. The students were engaged and working day by day we followed the anchor charts of Mrs Joyce’s examples.

Using a Tree Map to Record Our Facts – Information Reports #writing #mapping

Tree Maps This week 5/6J we will take on the journey of exploring how to write Information Reports. We will begin by looking at what an information reports actually is.     Today we are going to have some fun with tree maps. A way to record short keys that you can use to provide information to people. Lets take…

Angel Of Kokoda – Putting Yourself In the Kokoda Solider’s Shoes #ANZACDay

Placing Yourself In Someone else’s Shoes Using the following image and listening to story of the Angels of Kokoda by Mark Wilson. You must place yourself in the shoes of one of the Solider’s. You must use description to write av bout the following: I see …… I feel ….. I hear …… I taste ….. I smell ……

Explode the Moment – Narrative Writing #Writing #OGC

So often, students just tell about the large picture of an experience.  They get so caught up in listing all of the “moments” of the experience that they forget to really hone in on each part of it with vivid details for their readers. ( Today 5/6J we need to learn the Narrative writing strategy “explode the moment” . The…

“Learning Different Is Ok” Lets Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day by leading from Elliana’s Message #OGC #OurGlobalClassroom

Today 5/6J let’s think about the way you like to learn. Elliana was a celebrity in my eyes. Not only did I get to have a selfie with her but I actually got to hang out with her and have dinner with her. She is such a cool kid. Lets’s listen to Elliana’s message that Learning Different is Ok. Today…

Learning And Revising The Structure Of Persuasive Writing

Persuasive Writing Prepares Us For NAPLAN LI: To understand the structure of writing persuasively. Today 3/4J we will be using our opinions to develop a piece of writing that would persuade someone. Let’s use these organisers to help us understand the structure.

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