Thinking Critically : Look 2 Learn. See – Think – Wonder #globaled #OurGlobalClassroom #OneWorldOneClassroom

See Think Wonder What do you see in the picture? Use descriptive sentences to describe what you see. You might like to use these sentence starters: I see ….. Looking from the outside I view ….. My heart breaks as I see….. What do you think has happened here? Describe using powerful language.2What does it make you wonder? Record 5…


Maths Rotation – Prime and Composite Numbers

  What do you notice? I want you to think about the following even/odd numbers, patterns, multiples, factors, multiplication, common multiples, prime/composite numbers.   Triangular Numbers Students in each group should work to build triangles of different sizes. After building a triangle the group writes down the number of counters that make up each triangle. Each of these numbers is a Triangular Number. As each group builds…

#ProblemSolving – What Do You Notice? #Maths

  Rotating around the room students explore different mathematical thinking about what they notice. Students are to use sticky notes to explain what they can see and how they might solve the problem. Many of the problems revolve around counting, place value and the four processes.

Ss Prepare Information Reports To Teach The World The Importance of The #SDGs #globalgoals #ProfeEdTech

5/6J you are so knowledgeable about the United Nations Global Goals. It is time you educate the world. We will begin by researching a global goal. You will need to choose one. Go to scroll down and click on the goal you would like to teach the world about. You will need to complete your research on the template we…

Reading Group Task: Non Fiction Reading Responses

Vjay, Thon, Mitchell, Brodie, Brock, Lachlan, Today you will choose your own Non Fiction book. You must read for 15 mins and then respond using the following template. Presentation is important and this will need to be glued into your response book.   Ruk, Tshawn, Travis, Seth, Aleisha, Sierra, Baine, Emelia Read Aloud Flipgrid: Today you must read your book aloud…

Equal and Unequal #Maths #Fractions

Today the class will explore the concept of equal and unequal. First we will revise our knowledge of Halves and Quarters. When working with fractions it is important students understand that a fraction has to be equal. If it is unequal people will get very unhappy about their share especially when eating pizza.

Reading: The long (and sometimes dangerous) walk to school – How Children Around The World Get To School #Globaled #Reading #Education

The long (and sometimes dangerous) walk to school 3/4J I stumbled upon this article and I was inspired to share it with you. We take walking to school for granted. We can ride our bike, walk or sometimes your parents will drop you off. For some children they do not have that luxury, they may be in war zones, tropical…

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