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Synthesizing to access content – Transforming your thinking #OurGlobalClassroom #Reading

Transforming your thinking Learning Intention: Students will be able to record how their  thinking changed after listening and viewing the lyrics of a song. Battle Scars * I think this is song is about? * I’m now thinking? * I’m thinking has change to? * I think this song is really about? Advertisements


Mrs Joyce’s Grandfather walking the Kokoda Track in 1942

Australians on the Kokoda Track, 1942 What can you observe? What wonderings do you have? What can you infer when you look deeply at the picture? Please place your comments about your thoughts about Australia’s history. ** Sadly Mrs Joyce’s grandfather was killed walking back from an ANZAC Day march in 1969. On ANZAC Day every year we remember how…

A Peek Inside A Writers Notebook – #writing #notebooking #thinking #feeling

Writers Notebooks Good writers value their writers notebooks. Look at this clip about the importance of loving your notebook.  Today choose a seed from the Media on our Blog to unpack. You might feel more comfortable using heading to help you record your thinking – these headings may be THINK, FEEL, WONDER or IMAGINE.

Unpacking a Seed in Our Writer’s Notebook

Writer’s Notebook Images Students select an image that they will unpack in their Writer’s Notebook. They will explore their inner most feelings, thoughts and ideas. What do you think? What do you feel? What do you wonder? What can you imagine? What is you opinion?

Look and Learn – One Direction make a video for charity: Reflect on the images from around the world. #education #globaled #lookandlearn

One Way Or Another: Video Made for Charity I realise that One Direction is one of the most popular bands in the world at the moment. I am not really a fan but my daughters are. Today I was searching for a music video that depicts images of the world and I stumbled upon this. Girls in 4J please remain…

Look to Learn: Which Kid Do You Admire?

Which Kid Do You Admire? Mrs Joyce has spent the summer holidays relaxing and spending time with her family. One thing she has been doing is reading and the book Mrs Joyce has been reading has been the inspirational story about Malala. As someone who values education as a number one priority in a child’s life, this young lady makes…

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